About Us Accelevir is a CLIA-certified laboratory that provides unparalleled virology and infectious disease expertise to clinical, biotech, pharmaceutical, public health, academic, and diagnostic partners.


The laboratory is certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) as qualified to perform high complexity clinical laboratory testing.

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Industry Partnering Solutions

Accelevir partners with diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide scientifically driven custom services.

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Accelevir offers highly quantitative assays to support HIV-1 cure programs. We are currently funded to support investigator-initiated clinical trial measurements through the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Resource Cooperative Agreement.

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Translational Science

Our journey started in collaboration with experts from Johns Hopkins University, key thought leaders and customers within the  HIV-1 cure community.  Our commitment to customer needs defines our expanding assay portfolio with the goal of developing a fit for purpose approach.

On the lab-side of Accelevir, we are dedicated to detecting with very high quality of science – we detect rare targets to help solve the ability for early identification of disease.

How We Can Help

Provide critical measurements within a CLIA environment.

Combine cutting edge molecular technologies that include digital PCR, single target culture techniques, high fidelity sequencing and data driven analytics.

Integrate strong science with customer focused company ethos.

Our Team

Albine Martin, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Gregory Laird, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Head of Research and Development

Mian Cai, Ph.D.


Hannah MacLeod, Ph.D.


Kristen Ritter

Research Operations

Miriam Hays

Clinical Operations

Hanna Marks

Quality & Laboratory Operations

Mignot Mathias

Laboratory Specialist

Willam Clarke, Ph.D.

Laboratory Director

Kerri Clary

Clinical Business Development

Douglas Toal, Ph.D., D(ABBM)

Quality Systems Specialist


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