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September 2022

Accelevir partners with Frontier Science Foundation to launch LDMS laboratory information system. This laboratory information management system supports the AIDS Clinical Trial Group (ATCG) testing program.


August 2022

Accelevir completes on-site Maryland State CLIA inspection.


April 2022

Accelevir partners with Boditech Med and the Immunostics Company (New Jersey, US) to access global manufacturing and distribution. Accelevir leverages its capabilities for Point of Care (POC) assays under a new entity QuickFhyrTM Health (Baltimore, MD).


February 2022

Accelevir enters into an Laboratory Network Agreement with Yale School of Public Health to offer SalivaDirectTM as a low cost saliva testing and surveillance program for COVID-19.


January 2021

Accelevir receives State of Maryland laboratory license and becomes a CLIA certified laboratory for high complexity testing.


October 2020

Accelevir issued US patent describing innovative methods for quantitative characterization of persistent HIV proviruses.


April 2020

Accelevir announces award of a multi-year NIH Cooperative Agreement to establish a centralized testing resource for HIV persistence.


September 2019

Accelevir receipt of NSF Phase IIB funding to support expanded ddPCR assay development and sequencing.



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Elite suppressors have low frequencies of intact HIV-1 proviral DNA
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